Recertification Announcement

Fellow Members of the American Academy of Health Physics,

Over the past few years, the AAHP Executive Committee and the ABHP Board have been working hard to develop and implement a number of enhancements to our exam and maintenance processes intended to provide a better service to our members, improve our efficiency, and heighten our exam security. Our major efforts have been focused on the following four phases of our improvement agenda:

1. Development of a secure Part I data bank and transitioning the Part I exam to an electronic format where our applicants can take the exam at multiple data sites,

2. Development of a new AAHP-ABHP website and data engine for managing member information and financial data,

3. Development of a new secure Part II data bank, and

4. Implementation of an online recertification process to track members Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and more efficiently.

All of these phases included implementing process and procedure changes as well as developing new software. As with all projects like this, we expected some hurdles along the way. For the most part, our board members, committee members and subcontractors have effectively managed these hurdles to complete the tasks at hand. Unfortunately, the rollout of our final phase, the online recertification process, has posed some significant challenges that have caused concern to many of our members. As President of the Academy, I take full responsibility for these issues, and would like to offer an explanation and some reassurance to our members that these issues IN NO WAY will affect your certification status.

Our new recertification process was to be the last phase of our website development and was originally designed to use the website data engine to support its function. After development and testing, the system was released for member use earlier this year. Upon release, we determined that we had overlooked some areas that were causing significant implementation issues getting CECs approved and properly assigned to our members. After evaluation, it was clear that the platform used for development did not support the full needs of our recertification process. Further review determined that we must convert the system to a new platform to incorporate the needs of the process.

We had hoped to have a fully operating online recertification system implemented by November 1st to give our members time to recertify online if their membership expired this year. Unfortunately, we failed to meet this goal. As it stands now, we are expecting to roll out the new platform very soon (hopefully within the next week) and provide members instructions for use.

Many members have raised concern that they would lose their CHP status if they were not able to recertify prior to December 31, 2020. Our current grace period extends until March 31 of the following year for recertifying members, before their CHP status will go inactive. We expect that this will give members enough time to recertify using the new system and not exceed the normal grace period. In the event that future issues arise in the new system and members cannot complete the process of recertification due to these issues, we will ensure that your CHP status remains active until all issues are resolved.

Although we encourage our members to use the new system due to its many future benefits, we currently still maintain a manual system for recertification. If you desire to recertify using the manual system, you can do so by following these instructions:

1. Download the manual recertification form by visiting the following link:

2. Refer to the approved CEC courses at: and complete your recertification form

3. Email the completed form to:

Again, I apologize if these issues have affected your attempts to recertify and I assure you we are working hard to remedy this situation and implement a recertification process that will be easy and effective for our membership.

I would like to also extend my wishes to you and your families for a very happy holiday season and a safe and prosperous new year.



J. P. Tarzia, President

American Academy of Health Physics