2019-09-01-650 - Medical X-Ray Safety - NV5 - Dade Moeller Training Academy ( 2019-09-01 - 2023-09-01 )

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Medical X-Ray Safety
NV5 - Dade Moeller Training Academy
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For those working with Medical X-ray units or responsible for the Radiation Safety Program relating to the installation and operation of these units.
Most states in the United States require the registration of medical use X-ray machines and the facility housing those machines before they can be used. On the application for registration, these states require the name of the person responsible for radiation safety at the facility. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge needed to be named as that person.

This two day course will help keep you current with the radiation safety aspects of the many new techniques related to using X-ray machines for the healing arts in the continually evolving medical field. It will help you to gain a practical understanding of the safe use of radiation-emitting machines, including Fluoroscopic and PET/CT units. It also includes a review of applicable state regulations pertaining to the installation, registration, and maintenance of X-ray machines. Sessions include developing and managing personnel radiation dose monitoring and training programs. Accreditation will be discussed, along with imaging techniques to reduce dose.
We discuss real-world experiences and current topics as outlined in the agenda.
You will learn how to implement a safe and compliant radiation safety program that will withstand rigorous inspection.
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course related to the practice of health physics