2020-07-12-1511 - Occupational Internal Dosimetry - MJW ( 2020-07-12 - 2024-07-12 )

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Occupational Internal Dosimetry
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This 36-hour course is designed to address the three main tasks facing the occupational internal dosimetrist: designing monitoring programs to detect intakes, calculating intakes from bioassay data, and calculating dose from intakes of radioactive materials. These topics are covered in detail with emphasis on identifying the calculations that need to be performed and how to properly execute them. Software packages are used to complement detailed “hand” calculations. The course is taught at an introductory graduate level (i.e., a 500-level college course) and students are expected to have a working understanding of basic health physics and mathematical concepts.
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course related to the practice of health physics