2020-08-25-2355 - Licensing, Regulations and Resources with Radiation Protection Focus - Chesapeake Nuclear Services, Inc. ( 2020-08-25 - 2020-08-28 )

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Licensing, Regulations and Resources with Radiation Protection Focus
Chesapeake Nuclear Services, Inc.
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The purpose of this training is to provide information and awareness to health physics personnel from TVA and other utilities. A focus of this training will be to provide regulatory bases, accompanied by application guidance and implementation methods, for important topics covering worker and public radiation safety. The relationship and applicability of regulations, requirements, guidance documents and site specific licenses and requirements will be described. An overview of the regulatory structure and processes will be described. An in-depth discussion of NRC's radiation standards in 10 CFR Part 20 will be provided, including implementation guidance provided in the pertinent and relevant regulatory guides, Health Physics Positions, and NUREGs. Other applicable NRC regulations, covered in 10 CFR 30's, 70's and 100 will also be covered.
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course, seminar, or workshop covering a health physics topic on the certification examination