2020-08-24-2023 - Effective ALARA Programs - Technical Management Services ( 2020-08-24 - 2024-08-23 )

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Effective ALARA Programs
Technical Management Services
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This 2-day course was developed for Health Physicists and Engineers who have the responsibility for designing, implementing, appraising and improving dose reduction (ALARA) programs at operating nuclear facilities. The course will focus on methods for reducing employee dose and minimizing contamination spread through: improved operating procedures and work control methods, use of traditional dose-reduction techniques, consideration of state-of-the-art methodology (robotics, protective clothing, remote dosimetry, etc.), use of engineered controls (ventilation, decontamination, contamination containments), ALARA goal setting and evaluation, and appraisal of program design and implementation. Classroom exercises and a discussion of case histories in a variety of nuclear environments will help attendees gain a broad understanding of “lessons learned” from other nuclear facilities, with an emphasis on improving the current ALARA program.
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course related to the practice of health physics