2020-07-12-956 - LN-200 (FRMAC Liaison Workshop) - Bill Beal ( 2020-07-12 - 2024-07-12 )

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LN-200 (FRMAC Liaison Workshop)
Bill Beal
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LN-200 is a two day workshop that builds upon the concepts that were introduced in LN-100. The primary objective of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to understand the Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (FRMAC) product suite to a level that enables them to brief them to non-technical audiences. Students will actively participate in discussion during the lectures, as well as spend significant course time practicing the concepts. Lecture time will focus on the more technical and complicated topics in which a FRMAC liaison may be expected to provide assistance with while briefing maps and attending meetings. Successful completion of the course will require active participation in the learning activities and passing a final exam.

Prerequisites: LN-100.

Duration of Course: 16 hours

Training Platform: Instructor-led (classroom)

The primary objective of this course is for students to be capable of briefing standard FRMAC products, including maps and briefing product reports.

Terminal Objective:
At completion of this course, students will have the necessary skills to brief standard FRMAC products during a radiological emergency response or drill.

Enabling Objectives:
• Practice using FRMAC tools
• Illustrate how the FRMAC team integrates with the existing response
• Examine FRMAC products
• Prepare for and deliver product briefings
• Appraise inputs into FRMAC products
• Explain the basic elements of dose assessment that are relevant to FRMAC products

Content Outline:
1. Introduction
a. Introductions
b. Student team building Activity
2. Mission Space
a. Understanding the FRMAC mission and the interactions with the local response organizations
b. Activity: Missions space and division interactions
3. Product Creation
a. Using FRMAC tools
b. Activity: Using FRMAC tools
c. Fundamental concepts of FRMAC products
d. Activity: Map fundamentals
e. Understanding dose guidance in data products
ISDF-004 Design Document 14_1001 Page 2 of 2
f. Activity: Dose guidance in products
4. Product Review and discussion
a. FRMAC standard products
b. Activity: FRMAC standard products
c. Technical product considerations
d. Activity: Technical products
e. Custom products
f. Activity: Custom products
5. Summary
a. Instructor Led
6. Final Exam
7. Wrap up
a. Student discussion
b. Closing Remarks

Instructor Qualifications
This course is delivered as a conversation with the students (not as a teacher strictly delivering lectures). The instructor must have the appropriate experience from exercises and/or real world events to draw from to be able to guide the class in the appropriate directions during free-form conversation.
Minimum Requirements:
• Current Liaison course instructor –or-
• Type I liaison
CEU credit type
Group A-Formal Educational Activities
CEU credit sub-type
A - Short course related to the practice of health physics