2020-07-12-1950 - Radiation Detection and Measurement - Robin Rivard ( 2020-07-12 - 2024-07-12 )

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Radiation Detection and Measurement
Robin Rivard
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This 4-day course was developed to provide an overview of the instruments and techniques important in the detection and spectroscopy
of ionizing radiation, and to strengthen an understanding of the physical processes underlying their application. It stresses the development
of a basic understanding of the principles of operation of these devices, and helps develop an ability to inter-compare and select
instrumentation best suited for different applications. It will provide an opportunity for those new to the field to gain a broad perspective of
measurement options, and for practitioners to refresh their knowledge in areas outside their own specialties. This course is based on the
new updated 4th edition textbook “Radiation Detection and Measurement” by Dr. Glenn Knoll and now covers many new subjects as well
as new scintillator materials that can achieve better energy resolution by a factor of two compared with traditional materials. The 4th
edition textbook also presents new material on ROC curves, micropattern gas detectors, new sensors for scintillation light, and digital
techniques in detector pulse processing, as well as revised discussions on TLDs and cryogenic spectrometers, radiation backgrounds,
and the VME instrumentation standard. Dr. Knoll’s book has attained widespread recognition as the standard published work in the field,
and a copy is provided to all course registrants. The presentation and lecture notes, which were developed by Dr. Knoll, will also be distributed
and serve as a supplement to the text
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Group A-Formal Educational Activities
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A - Short course, seminar, or workshop covering a health physics topic on the certification examination